Why do Magazine Cover Wraps Work So Well ... ?

“Consider achieving a 56%+ call-to-action in just 6 months
in-market, targeting CIO customers/prospects, as an example. Our campaigns deliver exceptional touch points that cultivate vital business and consumer targets. We have hundreds of case studies to validate measured impact.”
— Paul C. Kostial, President & CEO

Do You Need To ... 

1 – Augment your sales force to assist relationships with your most valued B2B targets?
2 – Engage any target of c-suite execs for high-profile company visibility?
3 – Cultivate trade targets who are most vital to your channel sales?
4 – Vitalize affluent consumers in any exact geo/demo marketing footprint?
5 – Educate and inform your patient Rx targets in exact physician's office network?
6 – Support your local retail agents/brokers with their most proximate customers?
7 – Enhance and educate any high-level target audience with video content?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider allowing us to chat about your target/s, share ideas and how similar-targeted campaigns have worked in the past.  We'll construct a proposal for smartest implementation/activation – it's a simple process.


Given today's overwhelm with digital, magazine cover wrap campaigns are producing 30%+ greater response measures than ever, with examples like $145MM sales for an automotive manufacturing client (341% ROI), and a 56% call-to-action measure delivered by a tech provider targeting hard-to-reach CIO decision-makers – impressive results!

Relationship marketing research has long-proven the value and impact of physical touch points to engage reciprocal relationships of value with customers/prospects. The quotes shared below represent just a handful of evidence validating the impact of cultivated relationship marketing and, though maybe seems a bit 'old school', the value of relationship marketing is still very accurate and valuable in today's fast-paced world, if not even more so.  The results are the proof of it's importance.

Campaign analytics consistently produce these measures for direct-to-recipient targets, and similar measures for direct-to-location targets.  Each campaign is designed for its exact measures, and call-to-action plan, and also, working to bridge-the-gap to targeted digital connectivity.  With embedded video options now too, it's an even more effective platform, especially for any hard-to-reach executive and/or affluent targets, and thought leadership campaigns too.

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