The Bold Impact of VISCERAL Marketing ...

The power of co-branded content cultivates even the most difficult-to-reach customer and prospect relationships. Today's sea of overwhelm has created a 'bunkered' affect, true for both business and consumer targets.  It's uncanny, how difficult to engage targets of late, without participating in the 'sea of overwhelm'.  Thus, visceral marketing is cultivated, and ... it works.

So then, it's not surprising that the visceral nature of magazine cover wrap campaigns –today– is proving to deliver even more exceptional "cut-the-clutter" targeted results than ever before, and repeatedly.  The reason is simple – it's the gesture that's actually engaging targets, with physical 'in-hand' touch points, and successes spanning many target categories.  And ultimately, the unique bond cultivates a valuable connection between the company/brand and their targets, engaging a simple gesture of goodwill and thus, enhancing the relationship.  Quite simply, your message says ... 'you matter to us' ... and that's striking in today's world, i.e. valuable touch points.

As two quick examples, consider these two client examples: one technology client amassed a 56% call-to-action score (by their own measure) and another automotive client garnered $145MM in sales via a mere $450K media spend, i.e. a 341% ROI, and both real clients, who – have now continuously repeated their campaigns.  Though end-results vary by target/offering, the % lift is always substantial, and profound validation of valuable audience development, call-to-action and real results.  We look forward to discussing visceral tactical options with you.

"Honoring the valuable customer relationship causes a positive visceral response, just like any human relationship – it's no different." – Paul Kostial

Magazine Cover Wrap Campaigns – 3 Steps ... 


1 – Choose Your Target

What is your best target audience?
Do you have your database already?
If so, how many are in the database?
If not, what is the target description?
How many do you want to target?

We assist your best TARGETING options.


2 – Choose Your Magazine

For direct targets, do you want to engage with business content, or lifestyle content?  Many clients choose lifestyle, as recipients then enjoy the magazine more personally.
For location targets, do you want weekly or monthly frequency? And, what content genre is compelling?

We assist your smartest CONTENT choices.


3 – Choose Your Start Date

Many clients want to be in-market asap, so what's preferred start date?
Do you have specific timing and/or events you're looking to support?
What's timeframe you desire to be in-market with the target audience?

We assist your preferred TIMING & START.

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