Choose Any of 110+ Pre-Built Network Options

Multiple Pre-Built Networks Can Be Tailored to Any Exact Footprint – Any Target. Any Database.

Any network can be chosen as exclusive (in total or partial), in any smaller configuration of geo-demo parameters, to reach any exact target audience and, literally, on a name-by-name basis.  Let's discuss your exact targeting.

NOTE: Any network you can fathom can be built from our national overlay; please contact us if a network isn't listed.
See below for many network examples, by exact target.

Point-of-Care Rx Networks

Consumer & Retail Networks

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Network Options Targeting Menu

CHOOSE from 9 Primary Networks, 110 Secondary Networks, and unlimited custom networks – built to exact parameters.  NOTE: Click on any image to enlarge for further viewing details, basic setup and network targeting.

Aesthetics Network

B2B & Trade Network

Barber Shop Network

Country Clubs

Digital & Technology

Golf Course Network

Insurance Network

Multicultural 2

Periodontic Network

Texas Banking

Affluent HH Network

B2B & Golf Network

C-Suite Exec Network

Dance Studios

Female Networks

Hair Salons Network

Male Networks

Orthodontic Network

Platinum Females

Travel & Tourism

Auto Dealer Network

Banking Network

Consumer Network

Dual Audience

Fitness Networks

Hospitals Network

Multicultural 1

Pediatric Dentists

Sports Medicine


Veterinarian Network


Women & Moms

“Literally, any target you want, and these are just a small % of possible options. With 50+ doctor-types, and 200+ location-types, you can reach any human you want, out-of-home, in-home or in-office, and they’ll welcome your valued touch points.”
— Paul C. Kostial – President & CEO