Simple Steps for Campaign Activation ... 

Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Simple Steps

We manage all audience development steps with you, with proven and proprietary best practices.  Contact Us for helpful guidance for activation, creative development, and choosing the most effective content partner for your category, company, and target.  We do all the heavy lifting, always.

Simple Activation Process in 10 Easy Steps ... 

  1. Confirm Magazine – Start Date & Cover Wrap Issues
  2. Activation Call – All Client/Agency Parties to Align, and Focused on Deliverables, Due Dates, Creative/Messaging & Best Practices Review
  3. Determine Database/Filters – Yours or Ours (any combination)
  4. Announcement Letter – Copy/Artwork Supplied to Us
  5. 1st Cover Wrap Creative – Submitted for Approval
  6. Campaign Starts – Targeted Recipients/Locations Receiving Your Announcement (letter or card), Followed 7-10 Days Later with 1st Issue
  7. Campaign Continues – Cover Wrapped & Non-Cover Wrapped Issues, based on your Cover Wrap Message Series & Production Due Dates
  8. Response Survey – Developed from Our Best Practices Format
  9. Analytics Tabulated – Audience Innovation Shares Results, in Addition to Reviewing Internal Client-side Call-to-Action and/or Sales Measures
  10. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS – Client/Agency Pleased with Results, and Consider Campaign for Renewal w/o Hiatus, to Avoid Disrupted Service
“Our client and agency partners who’ve never used magazine cover wrap marketing in the past, embrace our suggestions and collaborative activation process, which always yields the most effective results.

Reach out any time for ideas, suggestions, and best practices RE any specific target and, during your campaign, we’ll assist every detail for you, as we do for all our clients, and cultivating audience impact.”
— Paul C. Kostial, President & CEO

The most important step is your database. Do you have an existing relationship with each recipient or, are they new to your company? Retention and/or acquisition objectives? Is an internal database available, or do you need to augment? We include the cost of database development for every campaign targeting starting with 500+ or 1,000+ recipients.

Include your sales force with your campaign planning, from database development to your message strategy. Your selected recipients are their customers and prospects and, as a result, your sales force will provide very helpful input regarding their targets.  And, we'll gladly interview several members of your sales force for you, to determine best tactics.

What message will be featured with each cover wrap? Plan your creative strategy in advance. The best creative roadmap is simple, leading your audience through a 'curriculum' of messages related to your company.

It's also most effective to create a 'template' format for your creative, so the cover itself is immediately recognizable to your recipients each time they receive it. Change the letter each time (see below) and modify the headline and/or cover image, keeping a consistent look/feel for message roadmap.

A cover wrap campaign provides a unique combination of advertising, direct mail, public relations and relationship building all in one profound creative unit. As a result, this combination creates a highly personal communication tool, and displayed via a billboard-style creative unit every issue. It's valuable to engage the personal effectiveness with a personal 'message' inside front.

We provide several simple mechanisms to measure the response of your campaign. If you have the capacity, you can do a sales match to determine exactly how much was purchased by your recipients. Each campaign includes a response study to measure important components of the campaign, in addition to other internal measures. And, let's plan your response study early.