POINT-of-CARE Targeted Campaigns


Touch&Engage® patients when and where they are most-focused on making immediate inquiry, and ... call-to-action.

Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing for Physician's Waiting Room Targets

When targeting any POC audiences, magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns are a proven solution that attaches your 'cover wrap' advertising around any of our well-known national magazines, and delivers these to exact waiting rooms matched to your physician network. Choose from 50 physician networks, or we'll build a network to match your exact filters. If targeting PCP's, see B2B Targets, including embedded video.

Preview right shares steps, details & campaign options.

What's Included ... 

1 – Database Management, including Physician Match, Data Maintenance, and Reliable Delivery of All Offices
2 – Campaign Announcement Card
3 - Full-term for Subscription Issues, Magazine Parter of Your Choosing
4 – Multiple 4- or 6-Page Cover Wraps, Quarterly Creative Changes, or More for Rotation Options
5 – All Printing, Binding & Mailing of Campaign Activation Deliverables 
6 – Early Renewal Discounts, Multi-Year Discounts, Corporate Rates and Other Target Exclusivity Benefits & ROI for All Point-of-Care Campaigns

Simple StepsHow it Works

1 – Identify physician network, % coverage & high/low counts.
2 – Identify best content partner options based on target match, campaign specs, and various magazine's minimums.
3 – Identify preferred start date based on in-market timing, creative availability, and # months based on in-market goals. 

What's the Cost? ... 

Campaign cost is based on # of targeted offices, # of campaign months and other production options built to preferences.
You have many options with our cover wrap campaigns, so aligning deliverables prior to pricing is a helpful first step – start with the proposal form, or contact us to setup a quick phone chat to align key objectives, so we're matched to your targeting parameters.

The results you get: top-line details ... 

  • Exact Match to Physician List
  • Primary & Secondary Match
  • All Major Magazine Options
  • Fully Managed Activation
  • Highest Quality Production

Clients choose from our large selection of 400+ well-respected magazines to target any exact POC physicians. Our POC campaigns are 100% compliant to deliver educational info, and adhering to all requirements of the Sunshine Act legislation, and magazine's AAM audit.


Choose from Our 50 Physician Networks by Physician Type

We offer the flexibility of choosing an entire network, and grant network exclusivity, or choose any component of a network for your exact market footprint, in any combination of geo/demo and physician-type filters to align the most efficient campaign and yet, not sacrificing service to meet budgetary in-market goals.  

ROI Proven for Point-of-Care Campaigns

Overview – Point-of-Care Targets

“Cover Wraps have always been a part of our POC strategy, and will continue. They work well for us!”
— CMO, Fortune 500® Pharmaceutical

POC magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns are engaged for a broad range of patient targets via in-office physician waiting rooms to engage consumers for Pharma Rx, DTC, hospitals and other health-related issues for patient education.

We deliver over 50+ physician-types, any geo/demo footprint, cultivate any database from our pre-built physician networks by your exact filters and/or list match requirements, as needed.

Our clients specify their EXACT target desired to reach, and exact geo/demo filters; we deliver precision POC list-match, database management, and fully turnkey activation handled.


According to MPA research, out-of-home magazine readership is greater than in-home reading, which only makes these campaigns even more timely. Much additional research via MPA (and other sources), all conveys the same results.

Your Audience Innovation Activation Director manages all the details for you, so we handle the heavy-lifting (for both client and/or agency partners), and simplicity is delivered, due dates and steps are clear, and easy to follow.  We manage campaign for all partners.


Options, Helpful Details & Specifics for Campaign Activation Planning

Ask Us About Hearst Weekly Package Option for Efficiency Grouping Multiple Magazine Titles


Point-of-Care Cover Wrap Campaign Design & Elements