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Podcast – #CustomerConnections

Our podcasts are focused on marketing, advertising, sales, and generating robust #CustomerConections in a digital world.  We explore options related to engaging content, sales tips 101 for sales teams, designing visceral call-to-action options, i.e. cultivated connectivity in a digital sea of overwhelm.  Some of our podcasts include client- or agency-side interviews, and others involve sharing our innovative ideas to move the needle for our clients and business colleagues.

The One Thing

Jake Jordan – "I spoke with Paul Kostial, the President & CEO, AudienceInnovation. Paul spends his time and energy creating some awesome and effective focused marketing campaigns with magazine covers. He has a very specific focus around this very tactical medium because he knows it works well. This is great insight in a concept he believes many over look, due to what appears to be complicated, which he's made very simple."

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