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This targeting tactic builds our existing relationships by providing a means to communicate informative, consistent, on-going messages with respected content like Fast Company, and reaching only the targets most vital to our business, and our sales force’s customer-focused efforts.
— Chief Marketing Officer, Global Technology Company

Our client retention rate is 70% annually, and 90% for client-life.  It's not complicated, and the results validate targeting success. Simple solutions + adept results, equals profound campaigns that our client and agency partners choose, over and over again.  We manage the details for you, turnkey – soup-to-nuts.



SVP, Global Marketing Officer

"I've worked with Paul Kostial developing targeted solutions at two companies. We'll return to him again: they deliver impeccable work! He makes our database perfect, and reach our goals A2Z.

We love Paul and his company's solutions. He's an amazing partner who does what it takes, and gets the job done. We enjoy our long relationship, and love their smart and well-managed campaigns."



SVP, Global Brand Manager

"Our goal was to create a retailer campaign to boost end-aisle displays. The first year we focused on our 1,500 bottlers with six cover wraps that communicated our upcoming retail promotions, and key promotional event details. 

The campaign was so well received, the next year, we increased our campaign to engage 5,000 of our most valuable retailers, and in addition to our bottlers. The campaign was extremely successful and, for the small cost of the campaign, it gave us significant return for us, moving us from #7 in the market with end-aisle to #2 and, just two years. 

We highly recommend Paul's vast expertise and response-driven campaigns – he's full with ideas."


Convention & Visitors Bureau

VP, Marketing Manager

We've run our campaigns with Paul Kostial and his team for several years now, and we love Audience Innovation.  They are on top of things, always, deliver impeccable service, attention to details, and the campaigns are always tailored to our exact needs without lots of extra expenses.

We target meeting & convention planners, and we love working with Audience Innovation."



Chief Marketing Officer

"We are 100% confident that our Audience Innovation cover wrap campaigns accomplish our most important targeted objectives – to build awareness and sales for (company) and our global targets, commercial and private wealth.

We target high-level executives for multiple business units, each with their own message campaign. It's highly effective for less than the cost of even one business dinner. We continue with Audience Innovation, and just enlisted three new campaigns this year, for various targets."




Chairman, Founder & CEO

"Working with Audience Innovation was an invaluable experience for our company which targets luxury consumers for our skin care.

Paul's professionalism, his asap attention to every detail and, especially, his quick decision-making skills greatly assisted us as we created our results. Everything was tip-top with their planning team – we recommend their POC campaigns."


Global Telecommunications

Group Media Director, Agency

"Our campaign targeted a very specific list of commercial 'enterprise' prospects for our client. The campaign was robust, delivered exceptional results, more than we expected, and our client was very pleased – the sales team was ecstatic.

We will always use Audience Innovation for our magazine cover wrap campaigns, as Paul and his team have delivered exactly what they promise, and great prices, and the results our clients' receive are always very pleasing.  Paul always tells me when it's a campaign that's not a good fit, and we love that about him, and his great team." 



Vice President, Sales and Marketing

"We've enjoyed a very long and beneficial relationship with Paul Kostial and Audience Innovation. We've successfully implemented a variety of campaigns over many years.

Each campaign allowed us to reach new prospects, retain our existing customers, and to build our brand identity throughout our regional sales area. Whether working with Paul, or members of his team, always experienced great customer service, tip-top follow-thru and best, long term goals to maximize sales team results."



SVP, U.S. Marketing Manager

"I've worked with Paul Kostial for nearly 20 years. He's delightful, and he's responsive, very resourceful and highly-focused. Paul has assembled a team of targeting experts who consistently deliver results – they're always engaged in the latest strategies and, smartly, they've positioned themselves to offer a broad array of resources without ridiculous overhead.

My own experience has proven that Audience Innovation delivers expert and robust marketing tools for clients to engage their most vital B2B and key trade targets, and assisting sales assets."


Trade Manufacturer

Chief Marketing Officer

"We are very pleased with the positive responses we received from our corporate customers included on our campaign. This marketing tool allows us to continually build on our existing sales relationships which provides a means to communicate with updates and informative, consistent and on-going messages with very well-respected content partner like Fast Company.

We're already starting our campaigns this year, and we always include their cover wraps."

*Campaign Recipient's Verbatim Responses

*NOTE:  We have 1000's more of these, literally – written letters, notes, and 'thank you's' from campaign recipient surveys.  Please ask for more any time.  These are B2B and AFFLUENT responses, by the way, as we handle survey responses for place-based targets differently – we'll share more.
“I would not necessarily think of (client) on regular basis without the magazine cover wraps. This provided a door opener for me to then accept their phone calls. We’ve become a client of theirs.”
“This is the best B2B promotion I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a client for 15 years. The magazine is very personal, makes me notice their cover messages to me each issue – and, appreciated as a customer.”
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“This is a great way to say ‘thank you’ for your continued business. This is a great B2B promotion for (client). I really appreciate this campaign and hope it continues. We love it, and thank you!”
“This is a very thoughtful way to be remembered, and I enjoyed reading about the company each month via their wraps. The relationship of who is giving the magazine is reinforced every time I receive their issues. Thanks again to (client)!”
“When a company offers clients a great gift like Forbes magazine, it shows how appreciated they are. (Client) went the extra mile by telling me how much my business means to them and, especially, they will take care of my account!”
“Excellent program! One of the best uses of trade advertising dollars I’ve ever seen. We LOVE this campaign from one of our favorite vendors – it’s very much appreciated!”