Examples – Magazine Cover Wrap Campaigns

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Integrated as a stand-alone platform, or in combination with other 360° tactics, magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns deliver precise hyper-targeting via multiple branded tactics.  

Magazine cover wrap campaigns deliver a proven bridge-to-digital solution for even the most complicated targets – the gesture is THE difference, causing call-to-action. Quite simply, magazine cover wrap campaigns are focused on a specific database-driven target, and B2B examples include ... trade buyers, c-suite execs, commercial customers/prospects, industry constituents, and more ... sharing a 'thought leader' message with any hyper-targeted database of exact recipients – any target, any database.

Campaigns are most often scheduled in annual increments though, depending on the objectives, can be implemented in 3-month or 6-month, or tailored to any timeframe. Campaigns deliver co-branded content impact for any hyper-targeted 'customer' database, with exact measurability and analytics to validate results.  Campaigns are matched to compelling content, based on company, brand and target.

BUSINESS – Technology, Channel Partners & IT Decision-Makers

BUSINESS – Private Aircraft, C-Suite Executives & Affluent Targets

BUSINESS – Liquor Trade Targets, both On & Off Premise

BUSINESS – Foodservice Trade Buyers Nationwide

BUSINESS & CONSUMER – Watches, Affluent & Trade Targets

POINT-OF-CARE – Rheumatologist's Waiting Room Patient Targets

CONSUMER – Shampoo, Geo/Demo Selected Exact Hair Salons

CONSUMER – Banking, Geo/Demo Private Wealth Affluent Targets

CONSUMER & BUSINESS – Bridal Targets & Wedding Planners

CONSUMER – Automotive Dealership, Affluent Geo/Demo Targets

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