“The unique tactical campaigns of Audience Innovation are like ‘CRM MEETS MASS MEDIA’ – a must-have in today’s collection of visceral touch point assets – and, they deliver exceptional hyper-targeting, engagement, call-to-action, and easily measurable direct sales results for our clients.”
— EVP, Global Media Director - Top 25 U.S. Agency
WHAT is MAGAZINE COVER WRAP MARKETING? – In its basic form, a magazine cover wrap is a multi-page creative unit (4-, 6- or 8-pages) then wrapped around the front and back covers of a well-respected national magazine.  The cover wrap campaign then, is a client's 'cover wrapped' special issues, i.e. co-branded touch points, delivered to ANY vital/exact target audience of choice – business, affluent, retail and point-of-care.
“Consider, an 80%+ readership score is normal with our campaigns. That’s literally unheard of in today’s fast world, and it’s expected, or a 56% call-to-action for a technology client’s CIO/IT targets?”
— Paul C. Kostial, President & CEO
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