Cutting-Edge Digital Options, Designed to Enhance Hyper-Targeted Video Messaging

In addition to fully-platformed 360° content via print+digital, we deliver augmented campaigns that cultivate ongoing relationships with vital hard-to-reach targets, business and consumer.  The options below illustrate video and usb options, in addition, to licensed content partnerships, and other tactical solutions.

See Embedded Video Options w/Wifi Below

The following illustrates embedded digital options, added to/with cover wraps or standalone. The immediacy of embedded video or attached USB cards for digitally-enhanced connection, bridge-to-digital and fully engaged target response.  Video options are available with wifi now too, paper-thin units with wifi embedded connection.

OPTION 1a – Multiple Paper-Thin Video Options

An exclusive option via Audience Innovation, the latest in paper-thin video technology, and now ready for your cover wrap campaign, and/or other targeted deployment.

The example shared below illustrates an inside magazine or brochure, exactly as it will appear in a magazine cover wrap.

Contact us for more info and pricing.  It's an exceptional way to deliver video content to your most valued target audiences, with multi-play, 30-40 reuses, and other technology benefits for your most sophisticated and engaging targeting.

Video Options with Wifi Connections

These devices can be ordered for deployment with or without cover wrap campaign, as separately or independent units.  Contact us for more info, minimum order, and pricing.

Video Magazine Folder

Video Brochure Option

OPTION 2 – Branded User-Experience USB-Cards

Another exclusive to Audience Innovation, depicted in this cover wrap example to the right, shares our USB card digital user-experience.

USB deployment is simple, and less-expensive than embedded video content.  With USB cards, your target audience receives the device attached inside their cover wrap, or mailed separately.  The USB-port takes each targeted recipient to any user-experience, including video, interactive and more.

The device shown above (highlighted in yellow) is attached to the inside front cover of any magazine cover wrap campaign.  It's a removable USB device for any user-guided experience.

We also have options for wearables, for events and trade shows, and other promotions.  Both USB card and wearables are an exceptional way to deliver digital connectivity to your most valued targets, and bridge-to-digital by driving them to your website, an online promotion or user-experience.

These devices can be ordered for deployment with or without cover wrap deployment.  Please contact us for more info, minimum order, and pricing.

Ask us for options to deliver the most effective print+digital communication options on the planet.  Your options are many, so with any target, we'll share your smartest options for effective delivery, with all print and/or digital options possible.  Contact Us for more information.