Best Practices Effective Cover Wrap Creative

When Possible, Always Use Repurposed Content ... 

Always use repurposed content, when possible, for the most efficient design, or shared partner content, especially on the inside back cover and/or outside back cover. By utilizing existing materials, you maximize the effectiveness of your campaign for the lowest cost. There is no need to develop new creative for your cover wraps or, especially, for each new cover wrap version. Create one look/feel for the entire campaign – a series of messages – and change cover image, headline or question, and inside front message.  
– Please contact us for more information regarding Embedded Video 'bridge-to-digital' connection options – we have three+ different solutions.


Choose Bold Colors & Cover Image

Choose a bold color background and/or bold cover image for each of your cover wraps, not white. Color is proven far more compelling, and better hides any dings gained via the USPS and, thus, will be far more visually stimulating for your recipients.

Always Include CEO-Type Message

Messages over time from your CEO, or company executive on inside front cover – thought leadership updates. Creative does not need to be a 'formal' letter, though the personal update from a company executive is most effective. Content should always include the executive's photo, title and signature, so it's personally engaged via a real human being at your company.

Keep It Simple – Always, Always

Keep it simple and efficient, as your results won't dramatically increase by large expenditures on creative and production. Simple, friendly and to the point, so recipients are compelled by your simple messages and, most importantly, they respond to your gesture, your goodwill, and your personal outreach.

Include Cover Question or Headline

Your cover wrap must include your company's logo, and cannot resemble editorial of the magazine. A smart question on the cover, or a compelling headline, then addressed by your message on the inside front cover of your cover wrap.


Plus, Embedded Digital Options for immediate impact and cultivated 'bridge-to-digital' targets.


Much Flexibility for Creative & Smart Messaging

We have a Who's Who list of the most advanced and innovative creative options for your smartest messaging consideration, including: tiered variable printing; applications such as gatefolds, extra panels, z-gate, mylar, perforations and die-cuts; split copy for multiple markets and/or targets; bulk copies for meetings, conventions and trade shows; and so much more, and now including our embedded digital options as well.

Please review what's below, and let's discuss what's needed for the most effective campaign/creative possible.  We'll share what's worked well in the past, and what's 'expensive' relative to the result.  We look forward to sharing our expertise, including our new embedded digital options.

Creative Options for Clutter-Busting Campaign

From database, to every aspect of our client's campaigns, Audience Innovation cultivates the most profound, most flexible and most efficient solution options possible.  This includes a variety of announcement options, creative units, personalization of your cover wraps in any manner, 100% scheduling and frequency flexibility, plus embedded digital.

Ask for what's possible, and we'll share details based on your exact targeting objectives and parameters, and we'll recommend the smartest strategies.

Most Effective Direct-to-Recipient Messaging

As an example, we've learned a great deal about the most effective creative development for various targets, and – as a boutique agency – we're constantly vigilant with our client and agency partners, always suggesting what's best and smartest, and you can accept our recommendations or not – without hesitation.

With any direct-to-recipient campaign, as an example, the inside front cover 'message' is THE most critical element for most effective response.  We've tried every option, and with 500+ campaign norms, the learning is valid, and accurate. 

Flexible Multi-Page Creative Options

Starting with a minimum of a 4-page creative unit, you also have the option of 6-pages (i.e. adding a front-folding gate), or an 8-page unit, or a snazzy z-gate setup for the most adept front cover creative messaging possible.

We offer any solution that's workable on the printing press, and accepted by our magazine partners and, we welcome the opportunity to implement any option you'd like, including fun stuff like mylar applications to the front cover, custom die-cuts on the front cover, or embedded video – so compelling, and enticing. 

Extra Bound Copies Delivered for Your Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows, Sales Assets & Special Events

Working within an existing campaign, or as a standalone order, Audience Innovation fully manages what's needed to integrate your campaign with your trade show and convention schedule, or any other use, delivering custom-order bulk copies for handouts, collateral materials, and/or convention takeaways.

We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with and for you, working with your assigned person/s to manage what's needed for impact and on-time delivery.


Copy Splits?  Variable Printing?  No problem.

For whatever messaging variations you have, we welcome all options for the most adept printing 'splits' needed to impact your target audience effectively.  We even have clients that use variable printing to customize each and every issue of each and every cover wrap.

As a specific example, we variable printed a client's campaign with each of their local agent's name, photo and contact information in the issues that were delivered to the out-of-home locations nearest their offices.  It was a bit Rubic's Cube, though was vital and important to support both the corporate brand, and the local agent throughout their sales region, and their sales agents loved their cover wraps, and the campaign is in it's 4th year.

Your Campaign Activation Manager & Team

From the get-go, Audience Innovation will manage all aspects of coordinating your campaign, starting with our campaign activation call, where we include all parties for the betterment of proper 'same page' details, and cultivated details related to coordinating all parties with each and every campaign.

No matter what, we keep the campaign process simple and well-planned, so all parties are aware of deliverables and due dates, and we fulfill this role for both client and agency partners, so campaign complexities become result simplicities. Let us coordinate your campaign, and you'll have your experience to validate.

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