Optimize Smart Messaging for Direct Targets

The Most Effective Campaigns Engage Simple Elements & Consistent Format


Conversational Branding: With magazine cover wrap marketing, you're wrapping your company's multi-page 'brochure' around the exterior of a well-known, and well-respected content partner.  In doing so, you lift brand's credibility with your exact target audience and, deliver your company's ongoing touch points, delivering impressive call-to-action scores, no matter who you're targeting, business or consumer, and even with point-of-care.

Each client's campaign is designed to deliver communication objectives including: thought leadership, topic education, content branding, awareness, engagement, assets augmenting sales force goals, warming your prospects, creating a smart bridge-to-digital, and direct call-to-action.

Magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns for both B2B and affluent targets cultivate highly visible and 'welcomed' clutter-busting relationship efforts, engaging reliable touch points and robust sales results.

Executive-targeted messaging cultivates a conversational branding that enhances a long-term business strategy that's compelling in today’s overwhelming digital world.  With cover wrap campaigns, thought leadership is a frequent message mission, and stems the cultivated business relationship.  Messaging is designed to cultivate any target including: constituents, industry leaders, customers, prospects, investors – and others.  Inquire regarding more suggestions, ideas and questions related to your target audience and best-practices, and consider embedded video options to fortify customer-engaging messaging.

Best Practices for B2B & Affluent Targets

These examples illustrate direct-to-recipient targeted campaign creative, with the inside-front-cover message.  Typical direct-to-location campaigns, like point-of-care or consumer/retail are very similar, yet not always including the same inside message format.