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Touch&Engage® consumers when and where they are most-focused on making immediate inquiry, and ... call-to-action.

Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing for Your Retail Geo/Demo Consumers

When targeting retail 'geo/demo' consumers, magazine cover wrap marketing is a proven solution that 'cover wraps' your advertising around a well-known national magazine, and delivers it to exact out-of-home locations matching your target by geo/demo and other filters. Choose from any of our 110+ networks, or we'll build a network for exact parameters.

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Retail Consumer Cover Wrap Example


"Retail-targeted magazine cover wrap campaigns have proven highly effective for many marketing scenarios, including banks, insurance agents, automotive dealer/support, and more." – Paul Kostial

Campaign Examples

What's Included ... 

1 – Database Management, including Development & Ongoing Handling
2 – Campaign Announcement Card
3 - Full-term for Subscription Issues, Magazine Parter of Your Choosing
4 – Multiple 4- or 6-Page Cover Wraps, Quarterly Creative Changes, or More for Rotation Options
5 – All Printing, Binding & Mailing
6 – Early Renewal Discounts, Multi-Year Discounts, and Other Target Exclusivity Benefits of ROI Value 
Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Retail Targets

Simple Steps – How it Works

1 – Identify target/network, % coverage, footprint, and high/low counts for exact targeting coverage for your markets.
2 – Identify best content partner options based on target match, campaign specs, and various magazine's minimums.
3 – Identify preferred start date options based on in-market timing, creative availability, and # months based on objectives. 

What's the Cost? ... 

Campaign cost is based on # of targeted locations, # of campaign months and other production options built to preferences.
You have many options with our cover wrap campaigns, so aligning deliverables prior to pricing is a helpful first step – start with the proposal form, or contact us to setup a quick phone chat to align key objectives, so we're matched to your targeting parameters.

The results you get: top-line details ... 


Our consumer retail geo/demo campaigns are 100% targetable, to any geography, including any zips, GPS-radius, and demographic filters, and via 200+ location types.


Consistent Place-Based Delivery Yields Sales Boost


Choose from Our 30+ Retail Networks

You get the flexibility of choosing an entire network exclusively, or any component for your exact footprint, in any combination of geo/demo filters to align the most efficient and economical campaign, for national, regional or local markets. View Magazine Options to get a glimpse of the total scope of magazines available for consideration, based on your target, timing and anticipated count.

Los Angeles Example of Retail Geo/Demo Targeting 

ROI Proven for Retail Consumer Targets

“We have advocated numerous client positions with these retail campaigns, and all with great success. They’re also ideal for local agent support, for example.”
— Paul C. Kostial, President & CEO

Overview – Retail Consumer Targets

Magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns are engaged for a broad range of highly specific consumer targets supporting retailers, local insurance agents, automotive dealers, packaged goods, personal care (i.e. spas and salons), home furnishing, moms with kids, hospital specialties, and many many more.

According to MPA research, out-of-home magazine readership is now greater than in-home reading, which only makes these campaigns even more ideal. There's a great deal of additional research via MPA and other sources, which validate campaigns.


Consumer geo/demo retail-targeted campaigns enable any advertiser to reach any precise consumer target audience, to engage local and/or onsite interaction via public locations like doctors, dentists, veterinarians, spas, salons, barber shops, automotive dealers, auto service centers, fitness facilities and, even tattoo parlors – i.e. literally, any public waiting area can be chosen from our proprietary database of 1.5MM selected out-of-home locations, and more than 200+ location type options.

Your Audience Innovation Activation Director manages all the details for you, so we handle the heavy-lifting (for both client and/or agency partners), and simplicity delivered, due dates and steps are clear, and easy to follow – the process we're committed to 100%.


Options, Helpful Details & Specifics for Campaign Activation

Ask About Hearst Weekly Package Option for Efficiency Grouping Multiple Magazine Titles

Example of Campaign Launch Card

Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Announcement Card