Kostial Global Charities Foundation

We Support Volunteerism & Other Philanthropies


The Kostial Global Charities Foundation engages senior-level marketing, advertising and media professionals to further the goals of philanthropic organizations, in addition to supporting the Kostial Global Charities Foundation.

We are committed to charitable and philanthropic interests globally and, devote our expertise to assist our communities.

The Kostial Global Charities Foundation, also referred to as KGCF, is a not-for-profit charitable foundation created by Paul Kostial and colleagues in 2007.  The organization supports many volunteers.

KGCF primarily supports the work of charities in Texas, and ultimately supports the mission of selected causes in their communities.  The focus of the KGCF is to spur philanthropy through volunteerism, supporting The Matrix Society 501(c)3, a non-profit found by Paul and colleagues in Dallas (2004), and others throughout the United States.

The Matrix Society is a philanthropic social organization offering its members a means to meet other extraordinary individuals from all walks of life, while sharing time with charities in need of volunteers, as much is time is available.