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The following shares more drill-down analytics regarding campaign results, and spanning almost every B2B category and target – exceptional ROI results.

Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Partners
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“The B2B solution is a particularly well-known and well-constructed aptitude of Audience Innovation. We thrive with these targets, and cultivate smart campaigns for client and agency partners, based on long-standing B2B results and a history of elaborated ROI, proven success.”
— Paul C. Kostial, President & CEO
“We are 100% confident that our cover wrap program accomplishes our most important objective ... to build greater awareness and sales for (company) and our national targets, both commercial and private wealth.”
— Global Director, Sales
“We are very pleased with our cover wrap campaign. The tool allows us to build existing relationships which provide a means to communicate consistent and continuous messages in very respected content like Fast Company.”
— CMO – Financial

We have dozens more examples if you'd like to see more, so please inquire at any time, and we'll get you what's needed.


B2B TARGET Case Studies – ROI  Overview

BANKING Targets – B2B Impact Overview

TRADE Targets – B2B Impact Overview

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Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Partners