Case Studies – Magazine Cover Wrap Campaigns

Campaign Stats vs. In-Book Research Measures

Cover Wrap Stats vs. "In-book" Analytics

The stats share analytics based on a long-time proven record of magazine cover wrap campaigns and, results are solid today as ever, if not more so.  

Client results are impressive, and campaigns are producing current-day call-to-action and ROI, including cultivating a bridge-to-digital interaction for both business and consumer targets.  No matter what target audience is chosen, magazine cover wraps are delivering a well-constructed and physical touch point interaction, with bridge-to-digital and ROI to back its success.


Stats That Validate the Road to Impressive ROI


Compared to in-book advertising, magazine cover wrap campaigns designed by Audience Innovation deliver different kinds of results. In fact, it's like comparing apples-and-oranges as precision-targeted magazine cover wrap campaigns ONLY target a client's known databases of customers and/or prospects, not subscriber copies of magazine circulation.  It's a simple, yet important, distinction.

"Campaigns deliver impressive results for both our key B2B & B2C targets." – SVP, Sales

Using a bold-facing 4-page or 6-page creative unit – attached to the front cover/spine of a well-known and well-respected magazine.  The client's multi-page message is only delivered to selected targets, and ... recipients appreciate receiving the gesture of goodwill and, as a result, client call-to-action stats.


Identify • Cultivate • Engage • Results

To garner most effective results, we 360° our client's most-valued customers (and/or prospects) via a series of on-going (valued) touch points, matched with one of 400+ co-branded partners.

For B2B objectives, we often cultivating thought leadership campaigns, enhancing a long-term proven marketing strategy.  With each potential target, consider the visceral impact of your company's top-tier executive's 'thought leadership' series, and co-branded with powerful brands like Forbes, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc., ESPN the Magazine, Bloomberg Markets, or many other well-known, well-respected brands.  These campaigns deliver compelling content like no other touch points, and – it works well.