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Each client's campaign is built by: targeting precision, content-match, bold creative, and a detailed call-to-action roadmap.  

Campaigns are designed to deliver welcomed touch points over a period of time, given to cultivate the relationships that warm targets to reach-out, accept a sales person's call or email, and to drive exceptional long-term ROI analytics.

  • Each campaign cultivates a striking multi-page cover wrap series, delivering valued touch points to your exact target. The resulting success of our client's campaigns is unparalleled, and even more so by today's standards, and ROI results.
  • Each campaign launches with a personal announcement, so your targets are warmed to the message – and feel special.  As a result, they're receptive to your business and, they appreciate your gesture.  Results deliver impressive measurable stats.
  • Campaigns are most often placed in increments of 12-, 6- or 3-months, depending on objectives/target, and co-branded with any one of our 400+ content partners.  Literally –any target, any database– choose the exact target for tactical cultivation.

And now, with embedded digital messaging options, plus 360° digital cultivation, targeting via magazine cover wrap campaigns is delivering current-day results bolstered by many of the Fortune 500®, and many smaller companies as well, with great success.