It happens. How to fix a flub, and do so properly ...

It happens.  How to fix a flub, and do so properly ...

It happens.  Simple advice shared by Jack Welch, former Chairman, GE, and the easy steps to fix a flub, even from the get-go.  It works in every situation.

BUNKERED: The Challenges of B2B Sales Today

BUNKERED: The Challenges of B2B Sales Today

The elusive and 'bunkered' customers today, are difficult to stay in touch, to reach, to respond, or even get much/any interaction via historically normal connection mechanisms, like email and phone.

12 Reasons Why Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns

1. RESULTS – 100% reach of your prime/exact customers of any type

2. RESULTS – 90% awareness of your presence

3. RESULTS – 80% readership/involvement in your message

4. RESULTS – 50%+ call-to-action scores are often achieved by clients

5. Campaign is cultivated via a custom database, NOT the magazine's subscriber file

6. Beneficial touch points within campaign via welcome letter, response survey, and more

7. Promotional capabilities with bulk issues and posters, for meetings, trade shows, etc.

8. Historical research shows a marked increase in customer reception with advertiser/brand

9. Content partner is not limited to editorial compatibility but, rather, target synchronicity

10. Multiple creative opportunities with expanded cover wrap unit configurations

11. Digital inclusions available, including embedded video, usb, and other digital call-to-actions

12. We manage your entire campaign for you, minus creative, which we assist the entire process