Precision Targeting is Key to Client's Results

Cultivated Bold Touch Points for Any Target, Any Database – High-Impact & Hyper-Targeted

Quite simply, magazine cover wraps are essentially the same as attaching your multi-page brochure to the outside of a selected magazine, and sending your cover wrapped issues to only the exact targets you want to reach – any target, any database. This specifically applies to any business target, and also to affluent households, i.e. any direct target you identify.

– The Art of Audience Development

Unlike 'trade magazine' cover wraps, our cover wrap campaigns target YOUR database, i.e. not the subscriber file of magazine – which is where 'the art of audience development' begins.  Using magazine cover wraps, an advertiser can literally target any exact customer/target/prospect with cover wrap messages co-branded with any preferred magazine, and have your 'custom issues' delivered to exact targets – your timing, and any where you choose.

And, for our broader place-based campaigns, the advertiser's cover wrapped issues are placed in any matched list of waiting rooms of select physician's offices for POC, or any combo of out-of-home locations for consumer/retail.

In addition to 50+ specific physican-types, our targeted networks include over 200+ location-types like, beauty salons, nail salons, spas, barber shops, auto dealers, service centers, fitness centers, country clubs, public golf course lounges, motorcycle shops, marinas – literally, any locations you want.  It's a smorgasbord of opportunity, and we offer location exclusivity as well, when needed.

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