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Touch&Engage® consumers when they are in a consideration mindset, for making immediate inquiry, and ... call-to-action.

Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing for Your Affluent Household Targets

When targeting affluent consumers who can be identified by database (or CRM), magazine cover wrap marketing is a proven solution that cuts-the-clutter, delivers exact direct messages 'wrapped' around a well-known national magazine, and sent to only your exact recipients at their home.  It's proven – 100% reach, welcomed touch points, exceptional recall, call-to-action and ROI stats.  Affluent campaigns are proven very effective.

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“Their unique tactical campaigns are like ‘CRM meets mass media’ – and they deliver with exceptional targeted response and feedback.”
— EVP, Media Director – Top 100 Agency
Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing GEO Targets

Magazine Cover Wrap Campaigns – Affluent Examples

These two examples below illustrate campaign targeting affluent targets.  The WIRED example targets CXO (affluent) execs for private aircraft, and the Robb Report example illustrates a local auto dealer targeting affluent households in their sales region.  Several dealers have orchestrated similar campaigns, and not always focused on affluent only.  This campaign delivered on-going touch points over the course of 6-months, sharing a gifted magazine subscription with their exact affluent-targeted buyers, and then, cultivated with their co-branded messages, delivered a creative series of bold 4- or 6-page creative units.

Audience Innovation Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Steps

What's Included ... 

1 – Database Management/Procurement
2 – Campaign Announcement Letter to Launch
3 - Full-term for # of Subscription Issues, Magazine Parter of Your Choosing Based on Their Minimums
4 – Multiple 4- or 6-Page Cover Wraps or Stickers
5 – All Printing, Binding & Mailing of Components
6 – Campaign Feedback & Response Survey
7 – Early Renewal Discounts, Multi-Year Discounts, and Other Target Exclusivity Benefits of ROI Value 

Easy Steps – How it Works

1 – Identify target, high/low counts, and database sources, existing CRM or we build targets for you.
2 – Identify best content partner options based on content-target match, campaign specs given the various magazine's minimum requirements.
3 – Identify preferred start date options based on timing, key events, key business dates, etc. – and determine # of months based on campaign goals. 

What's the Cost? ... 

Campaign cost is based on # of targeted households, # of campaign months and other production options, built to your targeting preferences.
The cost per household is much less than other high-impact direct options, and multiple touch points spanning 3-, 6- or 12-months.
Complete proposal request above or contact us.

The results you get: top-line details ...


No matter what target, the results are very similar in reach, awareness, readership.  Call-to-action scores vary depending on the product/service and target, though a +3% lift to some is big, and others excite over 50%+.

As a real-life example, an automotive client achieved $145MM in sales from a $450K investment.  As a result, they continued their campaigns consecutively for 7+ years, and spent $1MM+ annually, after the initial campaign's sales match results were confirmed by their internal sources.  Their sales match was 16%, direct attribution.  They were targeting affluent business owners for their personal vehicle, as well as their work vehicle/s.


Another example, a very high-end retailer who targeted 3,000 affluent males in the San Francisco Bay area, all within a 5-mile radius of their retail store.  They were specifically focused on custom-made suits, of which their San Francisco location was selling far less than other stores nationwide.  Within 6 months, their sales were back to par with other stores, and the campaign was deemed very successful by clients.

Simple Analogy is the bottom line ... 

Clients target successfully for both retention and/or acquisition objectives, to create the most effective results.  Campaigns include turn-key activation, database development, announcement letter, continuous service, zero-waste and in-market post stats.

What if you could attach your company's brochure to the exterior of a well-known magazine, and reaching only your precise affluent customers and/or prospects (any target) and as a result, 80%+ of your target reads your 'magalog' (vs. 98% in the trash) ... ?  Would that be a valuable investment for your message deliver goals this year? ... (not even counting ROI stats).  If so, let's talk targets/ideas.


Affluent Campaigns are Proven Effective

Overview – Your Affluent Targets

Audience Innovation develops co-branded magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns to reach any exact affluent HH,  in any configuration – literally, any target, any database. It works.


Campaigns continuously deliver powerful co-branded touch points, with resulting boost in call-to-action results that engage your most –and-difficult-to-reach– affluent consumer relationships. Campaigns yield welcomed high-impact, and measurable stats and analytics.  Quite simply, affluent-targeted magazine cover wrap campaigns cut-the-clutter and, you beat your competition with visceral creative impact of ROI value and, almost, a magalog-type messaging.  

In short, each campaign delivers continuous touch points with each selected targeted affluent household and, starting with as few as 500+ recipients, your campaign can span any timeframe, from 3-months to a year. Each campaign is managed turnkey for you, from database development and tactics, to production, timing, printing, binding and mailing – turnkey, minus creative.


Your Audience Innovation Activation Director manages all the details for you, so we handle the heavy-lifting (for both client and/or agency partners) – simplicity is delivered, and due dates and steps are clear, easy to follow, with profound results.

1000's of Companies Use Cover Wraps

Our client list includes many of the 'Who's Who' in global and nationwide marketing – including any of the Fortune 500® elite as well.  The reason is simple: campaigns deliver physical touch points with affluent consumers that are ever increasingly hard to reach.  Oddly, or not, our result stats are up +30% vs. even two years ago, and the reasons are:  a) cuts-the-clutter, b) it's a welcomed gesture of goodwill, c) exceptional co-branded content with targets, and, bottom line, it warms specific vital relationships of value to direct contact receptivity, and sales.

"Walk into a wealthy person's home and one of the first things you'll see is an extensive library of books they've used to educate themselves on how to become more successful," Siebold writes. "The upper middle class reads novels, and magazines."

Options, Helpful Details & Specifics for Campaign Activation Planning

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