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Quality touch points that cultivate your most valued customers.

In Our Fast-Paced World, We Enrich Business & Consumer Relationships – PRINT + DIGITAL


Audience Innovation is a boutique agency that develops hyper-targeted database-driven touch point campaigns for our client and agency partners.  We leverage magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns, and now with video, buzz cards and 360° digital, as a direct marketing vehicle to cultivate any target audience.  Specifically, we deliver highly-qualified print+digital call-to-action solutions.

With 25+ years hyper-targeting successes, and 500+ campaigns to back our experience, our client's campaigns yield exceptional call-to-action results, designed to cultivate any target, any database.  As you'll see in our examples, we share many idea-generating targets and results for ideas and brainstorming – specific illustrations of valuable call-to-action and ROI produced for our clients.

Four Specific Targets are Proven Very Successful

The following targets have proven highly successful targets for magazine cover wrap campaigns, for decades, and with more than 500+ campaigns to validate our results.  Simple delivery and activation compliment the campaign roadmap, and turnkey delivery enable quality touch points over a marketing timeframe.

Choose the target below to explore specific engagement and campaign activation details for the target of interest to you ... 

Your company's messaging is placed on 'cover wrapped' issues of magazines, a series touch points that can't be missed by your targets.  It's appreciated and welcomed, and –as a result– call-to-action delivers impressive ROI. Each target is chosen from your database or CRM, and/or a database we develop for you, or from our 110 out-of-home networks.  Quite simply, you cut-the-clutter – with trackable results.  And now with print+digital options to extend engagement.


Creative examples of  magazine cover wrap marketing campaigns.


1 – Identify Your Target

•  What's your best target audience?
•  Do you have a database already?
  – If so, how many are in database?
  – If not, what's a target description?
•  Do you have a specific budget yet?
•  What's your target/sales objective?

2 – Determine Your Timing

•  Do you have any specific events and/or timing you want to support?
•  Many clients want to be in-market asap, so what's your optimal timing?
•  What # of months do you desire to be in-market with your target?

3 – Select Your Content

•  For direct targets, do you want to engage with business or lifestyle content?  Many choose lifestyle, as targets enjoy the content at home.
•  For location targets, what is the optimal frequency of messaging?

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